Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Survey On Security And Privacy In Blockchain And Software Defined Network

Mrs. G.Indumathi , Dr. B.S.E.Zoraida


Software-Defined Networking, more commonly referred to as software-defined networking (SDN), is a prospective new network paradigm that has developed as a response to the unprecedented development in the complexity of network management and configuration. Software-Defined Networking is also sometimes referred to as softwaredefined networking (SDN). Networking is the term that has been given to describe this paradigm. Software-defined networking, usually known as SDN for short, is a movement that attempts to make network operations and design more agile while also increasing the usability of core organisational components like routers and switches. The SDN project has several major aims, one of the most important of which is to disconnect the control plane from the data plane. Because of software-defined networking, commonly referred to as SDN, the knowledge and experience of the organisation has been combined into a software substance known as an SDN regulator. Because of this, network chairs are given the ability to gradually manage, safeguard, and develop network assets, as well as automatically shape the traffic design for the whole business. Even though SDN has introduced many fantastic new improvements to the architecture of the arrange, it also presents new security concerns and encourages diverse execution systems to disperse attack vectors, both of which have the potential to be problematic. SDN has brought many fantastic improvements to the architecture of the arrange. In this piece, a comprehensive illustration of how the Blockchain technology might be utilised to acquire and ensure SDN design is provided. In addition, the essay investigates the potential for combining the groundbreaking developments of software-defined networking (SDN) with blockchain technology in order to provide network architecture that is compliant with regulations, secure, and easy to use.

Pages: 6924-6934

Keywords: edge computing, network, Blockchain, storage, SDN.

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