Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

The Effect Of Setting Technique On Sports Performance In Volleyball

Saima Parveen , Yasmeen Iqbal , Muhammad Farhan Tabassum , Tuba Mushtaq , Hira Tahir


Volleyball is a worldwide famous sport. It is just because of its thrilling and adventurous techniques. Setting technique is important for accurate playing. The goal is to get attackers good consistent sets. Also, to be good at setting, proper positioning is important, the main focus should be on getting in proper position to set. The purpose of this research had to be investigating the improvement in setting technique on sport performance of female volleyball players. A sample of 36 volleyball players was to be selected from three Government Colleges. Convenient sampling technique had been used. American Association for Health Physical Education Recreation (AAPHER) volleyball skill test was conducted to measure the performance on setting skill used in volleyball for the period of eight weeks, a weekly and daily training plane was developed to improve the performance. Player’s performance has been recorded; 8-week training plan has been used to enhance the performance of the players. Pre and post test was conducted to check the improvement of volleyball setting skills and evaluate the difference of training on the player. Due to the means of the two performances and the direction of the t-value, 2.42 ± 0.692 to 5.58 ± 1.538 (p < 0.0005); an improvement of 3.167 ± 1.521 has been recorded. We can conclude that there was a statistically significant improvement in performance of volleyball players by using the prescribed training plan. The research will be helpful for the new young players of volleyball.

Pages: 6962-6972

Keywords: Volleyball, Setting technique, Training plan, Sport performance.

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