Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Virtual Assistant System: A Machine Learning Approach

Lokesh Kumar Sharma , Jyoti


The main focus of this research is chatbots, which are intelligent devices that can comprehend users' natural language inquiries and appropriately answer during a discussion. Using it makes users feel more like they are chatting with a real person, more like a virtual assistant. They can answer questions and communicate in our language. Insufficient staff members usually take a long time to address one request, squandering time and degrading the quality of customer service at banks, customer service centres, and enquiry desks. This chatbot's main goal is to enable clients to converse by asking inquiries in plain English and receiving appropriate answers in return. The recommended solution would aid in emulating the customer care experience while still attending to and addressing the customer's queries, with the exception of the consumer speaking with a bot rather than a human being. By offering solutions for customer care centres, telephone digital assistants, and help desks, it may make life easier. The architecture, methodology, and dataset that we developed from the FAQ sections of bank websites are all described in this post. This research also examines seven categorization techniques that are employed to identify the kind of input.

Pages: 6986-6994

Keywords: Chat bot, Dialog system, Classification, NLP, Vectorization.

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