Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Groupís Uncertainty Defuzzification Method To Select The Best Four Wheeler Group For Public Transport By Private Or Government Sector

Bhawna Bhagwat and Arihant Jain


In this article, we deal with many types of vehicles and their parameters using fuzzy logic as tool and also apply fuzzy rule to achieve this objective. A rule can be generated by five parameters as journey time factor, journey cost, facility, sitting arrangement and satisfaction of the vehicles at journey time for public. In this article, we develop a fuzzy model for assessing vehicleís groupís parameter using time at public transportation. These parameters under assessment are represented as a fuzzy subset of the set of linguistic labelís and their performance according to the vehicles groups. And the possibilities of all vehicles profile are calculated using groupís uncertainty defuzzification method.

Pages: 7011-7018

Keywords: Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy set, Defuzzification method, the groupís Uncertainty method.

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