Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Analysis Of Various Software Architecture Process With Its Importance And Challenges While Developing In Real Scenario

Gurudev Sawarkar , Dr. Dipesh Rajput , Dr. Tryambak Hiwarkar


Among the most crucial responsibilities of an information system manager are the enhancement of programming productivity and the management of software expenditures. We say that a programmed has a structure if and only if its components are structured in a particular way. Software engineering (SE) practitioners consider software output to be a major area of study because it bridges the gap between technical and socioeconomic considerations. However, software development processes are intricate, and the term "productivity" has varying meanings depending on the context. That's why we need to in order to maximize the impact of software productivity studies on SE industry practice, the Existing practitioner perspectives and concerns need to be analyzed and synthesized. In this work, a mapping research is constructed to probe the potential for varying empirical impressions ofthe rate of production throughout the several fields of business and academic study that make up the industrial practice of SE, and to highlight their shared features.

Pages: 7102-7110

Keywords: Interface Design, Architectural Design.

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