Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Secure Cloud File Storage System With Hybrid Cryptography Algorithm

Dr. Ramalingam sugumar , Srinivasan Thiruvengadam


Attention to the extent of the information used and also the growing use of cloud computing has become the delivery of several companies. And in many disciplines, investigators have placed great importance on cloud security over the past several decades. So information security is a big concern while keeping information in the cloud. Cryptography was one of the most critical methods of ensuring information security and privacy protection. As the number of institutions increases, so does the quantity of malicious activity. Malicious transactions can alter the information in a database, making it unusable for customers. Some ransomware was fairly efficient, and it demands money in exchange for data recovery. This paper presents a data protection strategy based on a number of cases of security risks using hybrid cryptographic algorithm. The methodology of encrypted message information would be discussed in this section as a security model. All information stored in cloud applications has been encrypted using the encryption technique. The method was tested using various file styles and sizes. It would be constructed so that it would work quickly an efficiently in a cloud infrastructure. A security of information approach was introduced in this study, in which information is stored using a hybrid cryptographic method. To be collected by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), BlowFish (BF), and Message-Digest algorithm (MDS). As a result, this architecture provides both speed and encrypted data.

Pages: 7157-7168

Keywords: Cloud data storage; cryptography; Hybrid algorithm; Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Blowfish and Message-Digest algorithm.

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