Volume 18, No. 6, 2021


Manisha Badoni , Dr. Vishnu Konoorayar , Dr. Vidhi M Chadda


The world’s consciousness towards the environment witnessed the never before awakening in the early 1970s which is largely attributable to socio-environmental incidents at that time. In the background of such developments, the first international meeting concerning the environment was held in Stockholm in 1972 calling for the international corporation for “preservation and enhancement of the human environment”. However, it took the world twenty years to constructively recognise the relevance of striking balance between the need for development and exploitation of natural resources and in the year 1992 at Rio the States of the world were called upon to apply with “precautionary approach” in situations which pose “serious or irreversible threat to the environment”, to achieve sustainable development. Ever since sustainable development has been adopted in several international instruments and has become inclusive in many domestic laws of the world. Which is reflective of the growing acceptance and universal application of such principles. India is one of the few countries of the world, where the adoption of the international environmental principle of sustainable development is statutorily mandated upon the country’s dedicated environmental court, the National Green Tribunal in imparting environmental justice. The present paper studies the genesis and evolution of sustainable development at the international level and its gradual amalgamation into the Indian domestic law through precedents set by the Supreme Court. The paper through the analysis of the Supreme Court judgements on sustainable development aims to study to what extend sustainable development is understood and adopted into the Indian environmental regime. The purpose of the paper is to provide the historical context of the evolution of sustainable development in the Indian environmental regime to understand how sustainable development is understood and applied in the Indian environmental context.

Pages: 7265-7278

Keywords: Sustainable Development; Environmental Law and Principles; Supreme Court of India; Environmental Jurisprudence.

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