Volume 18, No. 6, 2021


Ashish Ghanshyam Barve , Dr. Samgraggi Chakraborty


Intellectual property is getting more and more importance in this era. Creative minds for many reasons contributing their originally authored works in various domains. Copyright protection is one of the most important aspects of intellectual property right protection today. Copyright registration is not mandatory and because of this there is huge domain of copyrights and it increases chances of copyright disputes. On the other hand, Indian judiciary is flooded with litigations and case pendency is at highest of all time and crores of cases are pending in Indian Courts1 . On this backdrop, if Copyright dispute/cases are resolved through Alternative Dispute Mechanism like Arbitration, it will save time, money and it will decrease the burden of judiciary as well. But enough emphasis is not given to use of arbitration for resolution of copyright disputes in India. There are many areas in this field where clarity is needed like which disputes can be resolved through Arbitration, Indian judiciary’s stand on referring copyright disputes for arbitration, key issues in copyright arbitration etc. and through this research paper, efforts are made to clarify these aspects.

Pages: 7443-7449

Keywords: Arbitration, Copyright, ADR, Dispute resolution, Intellectual Property Organization (IPR)

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