Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Hydroponic- A New Era For Agriculture ?

Dr. Parul Shah


Hydroponics is steady gaining traction in Asian country, attracting Associate in Nursing increasing variety of farmers. farming may be a set of hydroculture, that may be a method of growing plants, primarily crops, while not soil utilising mineral plant food solutions in Associate in Nursing binary compound solvent. Hydroponic farming, that is soil-free, waterbased farming, is also done even in an exceedingly little place sort of a balcony. rather than mistreatment soil for plant nutrition, crops square measure given nutrient-rich water, that avoids heaps of the drawbacks of soil-based strategies. farming is that the method of growing plants while not soil in an exceedingly nutrient-rich fluid. "It has been practiced for generations, so it's not a brand new technique," says Akhila Vijayaraghavan, founder and director of Parna Farms in Coimbatore. Its a decent thanks to agriculture as a result of day by soil found some disorder and this issue ruined our health either its mentally or physically. The issue of feeding the world’s growing population has long been investigated from completely different views. Natural resources square measure either scarce or unevenly distributed in divergent regions of the planet. Therefore, standard agricultural strategies fail in some places. Moreover, dependence on food import leaves bourgeois countries’ food offer systems at risk of sudden shocks. for example, the COVID-19 pandemic brought problems within the food trade since crossing borders became troublesome for transporting.

Pages: 7489-7496

Keywords: Hydroponics may be a form of hydroculture within which plants square measure mature in an exceedingly water solvent containing mineral and plant food solutions while not the necessity of soil.

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