Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Impact Of Motivation And Psychological Needs On Sports Commitment During Covid-19 Lockdown

Tuba Mushtaq, Yasmeen Iqbal, Muhammad Farhan Tabassum , Hira Tahir, Saima Parveen


The covid-19, often known as the Corona virus, has wreaked the biggest havoc on the global athletic calendar. All sports leagues and an event has been postponed due to covid-19. This thesis is struggle to find out how covid-19 affected the routines of game practice of young athletes and also what strategies that are using to maintain their physical fitness. The study’s aims are to investigate the relationship among Behavioral Regulation in Sport (BRS), Psychological Need Satisfaction in Exercise Scale (PNSES) and Sport Commitment (SC) and also their sub-constructs and the impact of BRS and PNSES on SC during Covid-19 lockdown. For this purpose, 200 university level athletes complete all three questionnaires. The information was gathered from four universities. The University of Lahore, University of Central Punjab, Comsats University of Islamabad (Lahore Campus) and Punjab University of Lahore. In this investigation, an analytical and cross-sectional study approach was adopted. Results disclosed that the BRS has no correlation (r = 0.145) with SC and non-significant value (p=0.407) and PNSES has very low correlation (r = 0.251) with SC and significant value (p < 0.001). Also, BRS, PNSES has 16.6% impact on SC. According to results BRS and PNSES having low relationship and impact on SC due to Covid-19. Covid-19 also decreased the chances to improve the player’s performance. The study suggested that players at university level can improve their physical activity by adopting precautionary measures against Covid-19.

Pages: 7561-7572

Keywords: BRS, PNSES, SC, Covid-19, Impact.

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