Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Banking Related With Green Bond And Sustainability

Rubina Parvin


Due to urbanization, there is a negative impact on green plants. For that there is no balance in the eco system. Since many years many conferences and researches has been done to balance the eco system. Pollution also created a negative impact on eco system. Now govt. also took different steps to balance the eco system we general people also are aware of maintaining the balance of eco system. And green bond has been introduced for sustainability. Here I have used purposive sampling method. Because my purpose is to survey the banks and to gather information if whether the banks are maintaining green bond and sustainability. And for data collection I have used interview method to know the attitude, perception, belief regarding green bond and sustainability and also their mentality about green bond and sustainability. From SBI bank I took 50 employees and from HDFC bank I took 40 employees to represent my work.

Pages: 7594-7603

Keywords: According to WHO, in this globalization, industrialization, urbanization period there is a negative effect to the environment.

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