Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Radio Frequency Based Automatic Efficient Cooler, AC And Blower Control System

Atul Sarojwal , Atul Katiyar , Hari Kumar Singh


As we all know that employment is decreasing as compared to the population and we are no longer able to satisfy the actual basic needs, inflation is increasing and seeing the hot and humid weather and temperature rise and fall due to global warming ac, cooler , blower are the basic needs but we know the electricity rates are way too high for these expectations to turn into realitynow we have this challenge to see all these problems and we came up with a prioritizing output as a prototype as stated in the topic which can meet with our satisfaction of cost and even have lower power consumption. With each forth coming day the world is stepping into the systems in which everything is going to be automatic, hence in this project we have built a temperature based automatic radiofrequency based cooler and blower with the help of Peltier plate can be used as any mode We have used a LM35 sensor, senses the surrounding temperature and microcontroller acts as the brain of the control systems as based on the programming set, relay module trips the generating signal and dc motor takes supply from a step-down transformer and the fan status is shown on the LCD panel.

Pages: 7604-7611

Keywords: LM35, Microcontroller, relay module, DC Motor, LCD Panel.

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