Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Dedupframe: Data Deduplication Framework For Effective Management Of Cloud Storage



Cloud provides a virtual environment for storing a massive amount of data. Today’s scenario, day by day, the size of data generation is increased. It needs a place to keep safe. Cloud is the only solution to store an enormous volume of data. However, when storing data in the cloud, it is a third party environment, and it can be used by different users all around the world. The place should ensure the security or privacy of data stored in the cloud storage. When using cryptographic techniques, the data are encrypted for maintaining security. Encryption produces a ciphertext, which means encrypted data, and it is generated based on the key used for encryption. So, it is understood that different keys could produce different ciphertexts for the same plaintext or original text. Convergent encryption is used for avoiding duplicate data, but the key used for the data for doing encryption at the first time is maintained and shared with all users who have the same and similar content of data to upload to the cloud storage. Sharing the key to all the users is critical in the open cloud environment. Users met many problems when using cloud storage services. Cloud storage is allocated for storing the same data multiple times. It creates difficulties in storage management. To address all these issues, it is necessary to propose an efficient framework to maintain the data in the cloud without duplication. This proposes a DEDUPFRAME for avoiding duplicated data stored in the cloud. the framework comprises different components to maintain the data in the cloud. the research work is implemented in the cloud environment and evaluated with test data. The result derived from the implementation is satisfactory for avoiding duplicate data in the cloud storage.

Pages: 7628-7645

Keywords: Deduplication; Convergent Encryption; security; Framework; Cloud Storage;

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