Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Secured Private Key Generation Using Rsa For Data Security In Public Cloud Storage

M. Kamal , Dr. G. Ravi


In cloud computing networks, data security is one of the major challenges to researchers. To prevent the data from malicious attacks, cryptographic algorithms play a vital role. This article describes a new asymmetric cryptography approach by generating the secure private key for data security using the advanced Rivest–Shamir–Adleman algorithm (RSA). A new method is proposed to determine the value of the Private Key (PRK). Furthermore, an innovative method is used to compute the private key to decrypt the cipher text into plain text. The proposed method reduces the encryption time, decryption time, encryption power, and decryption power and increases the security level of client data are analysed by the Hackman tool and OPNET tool.

Pages: 7668-7687

Keywords: RSA, Cryptography, Cipher Text, Hackman tool, OPNET tool

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