Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Losses And Preventive Measures Of Depression )A Research Study In The Light Of Islamic Teachings)

Dr. Shahzada Imran Ayub , Dr. Shams ul Arifeen , Muhammad Saad Dehlvi , Muhammad Rizwan


Depression is a mental stress due to which a person suffers from sadness and grief for a long time and it often happens when something happens against the wishes of a person, so a person suffering from depression not only deteriorates his health but also suffers from many deadly diseases. According to experts, depression is more common in women than men and there are several reasons for this, the main reason being that women are deprived of social support to a great extent, while the case of men is slightly different. However, prevention from depression, if possible, is in following the sayings of the Prophet (PBUH). In the same way there is peace in the hereafter and also in the worldly life. The measures suggested by experts to prevent depression are to adopt sightseeing, arrange good food and restful sleep, keep oneself physically busy, keep a friend who can deal with one's problems to be shared, not to despair and despair of Allah's mercy, to have complete trust in Allah, to have firm faith in destiny, to observe five daily prayers, to engage oneself in the remembrance of Allah, al-Kuhal and all other types of drugs should be avoided and in any case, all un-Islamic habits should be abandoned.

Pages: 7807-7816

Keywords: Depression is the name of such a physical state and mental stress due to which a person becomes a victim of despair and sadness and his lack of interest in all his activities increases continuously.

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