Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Review On Optimized Algorithm For Resource Allocation In Multi Cloud Environment

Pritin Haldar , Dr. Harsh Lohiya


Cloud Federation is another idea empowering service suppliers to collaborate and distribute their architectures to satisfy clients' requests. A major issue for associated suppliers is characterizing efficient techniques for allocating the resources to use the favorable circumstances of this collaboration. The mapping of client necessities and supplier objectives to providing resources in the Cloud elevates few difficulties because of the size of present-day information centers, variegation of resources and the changeability of expected requests. The issue turns out to be all the more difficult in cloud federations which involves different suppliers and number of disseminated resources. In this article, review on optimized algorithm for resource allocation in multi cloud environment has been highlighted.

Pages: 8430-8435

Keywords: Optimized, Algorithm, Resource, Allocation, Multi Cloud, Environment.

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