Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Happiness And Ways Of Coping Among Deprived And Non-Deprived Secondary School Students

Dr Satnam Kaur Johal


Happiness increases individual creativity and productivity. The present study was conducted to investigate the relation of happiness and ways of coping among deprived and non-deprived secondary school students. A sample of 85 deprived (52 Boys & 33 Girls) and 83 non-deprived (35 Boys & 48 Girls) students from 11th standard was randomly selected from different senior secondary schools of District Amritsar, Punjab, India. Happiness Scale by Bhardwaj and Das, Adolescent Coping Scale by Frydnberg and Lewis and Deprivation Scale by Singh and Aggarwal were used. The study revealed significant differences between deprived and non-deprived students on happiness and ways of coping. The study also indicated gender differences among deprived and non-deprived groups. Deprived girls were found more happier then deprived boys. The correlation analysis showed that there is a significant correlation between happiness and ways of coping among deprived and non-deprived students. The unproductive coping strategies that address others have positive influence on happiness whereas productive coping strategies did not. The analysis also revealed relation between happiness and ways of coping among boys and girls belonging to deprived and non-deprived sections. These findings can be useful for all the stakeholders in educational arena for planning efficient interventions and paving the way for taking preventive measures.

Pages: 8462-8477

Keywords: Happiness, Ways of Coping, Deprived and Non-Deprived.

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