Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Compensation Reward Management

Dr. Y Jayaprada , Dr. Sushil Beliya


Compensation is that the Human Resource Management functions that contend with each kind of reward that people receive reciprocally for activity structure task. It?s primarily associate exchange of relationships. Workers exchange their labor form one ary and business rewards. Monetary compensation is each direct and indirect. In India, dairying has been practiced as a rural cottage industry since the remote past. Semi industrial farming started with the establishment of military dairy farms and co-operative milk unions throughout the country towards the end of the nineteenth century, however, market milk technology is also thought-about to have commenced in 1965, with the functioning of the central dairy farm of Aarey milk colony and milk producttechnologyin1956 with the establishment of ?Anand Milk Union Limited?(AMUL) Dairyin1946 first milk union started in India, at Gujarat. To study the influence of monetary benefits on employees performance. To analyses the influence of non-monetary benefits on employee?s performance. To understand the influence of fringe benefits on employees performance.

Pages: 8478-8490

Keywords: Compensation, monetary and non-monetary benefits.

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