Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Indo-Russian Strategic Partnership: A Study Of Russian Arms To Counter China In The Asia Pacific

Nusrat Koser


This paper examines Russia's role as a counter to China's military expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. It begins by analyzing Russia's strategic interests in the region, including its geopolitical and economic interests. The paper then explores Russia's arms sales to India as a means of balancing against China's growing military capabilities, and examines the significance of these sales for India's defence capabilities. Finally, the paper discusses Russia's broader diplomatic and strategic efforts in the region, including its relationships with other regional powers and its involvement in regional institutions. It concludes by arguing that Russia's involvement in the Asia-Pacific region is driven by a desire to maintain a balance of power, and that its partnership with India is a key component of this strategy.

Pages: 8589-8605

Keywords: Indo-Russian strategic partnership, Russia, India, China, Asia-Pacific, defence cooperation, arms sales, regional security, military modernization, geopolitics, economic interests, balancing strategy, diplomatic efforts, regional institutions.

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