Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Improving More Security & Qos Of Trust-Enabled Wireless Networks Using Machine Learning Powered Transformable Blockchain Sharding

Dr. Manisha Bhatnagar


Due to advent of 5th Generation (5G) communication, the speed of data communication has increased many folds [1]. This increase in speed has led to design of high-performance wireless networks, that work using a minimum acknowledgement maximum throughput (MAMT) [2] model. Implementation of such a high-speed model requires trust-enabled network design, wherein probability of packet delivery & guarantee of minimum loss communications is higher. Trust-enabled networks are able to improve packet delivery via selection of highly trusted nodes, that are observed to have better performance w.r.t. other nodes. The performance is measured in terms of trust values, for instance, for a network that aims to select nodes with low delay, high residual energy, and low packet drops, models a trust factor using equation 1

Pages: 8664-8681

Keywords: A wide variety of blockchain systems are designed to improve efficiency and attack resilience of wireless networks.

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