Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Adolescence: Issues And Challenges: A Beginning From Childhood To Adulthood

Dr. Abira Choudhury


The origin of the word �adolescence� comes from the latin word �adolescere� which means �to grow� or �to grow to maturity�. Maturity means not only physical but also mental growth. Adolescence is a period which fills the gap between childhood and adulthood. Generally, this period is considered as �Youth�. It is a stage of rapid psycho-physical growth and development. At this stage, there are so many changes take place in the life of adolescents like intellectual, moral and spiritual which can effect tremendously on the growth of their the personality. According to A.T Jersild, �Adolescence is a span of fears during which boys and girls move from childhood to adulthood mentally, emotionally, socially and physically� (Mohanty, 1997).

Pages: 8828-8830

Keywords: It is observe that if the needs of adolescents are not well cared, there arise different problems in their life. Some of them are.

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