Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Examining The Perceived Stress Levels Of Teachers Returning To In-Person Classes Post-Covid: A Comparative Analysis



In 2019 Corona Virus stared to spread from China to all over the world. Several steps including closure of educational institutions were taken to cease the spread of virus. The conventional teaching and learning modes were replaced with online teaching and evaluation methods. After a long span of time and enormous defensive measures the regular classes were reopened by the end of 2021. But several attitude and behaviour issues of students were reported in schools and colleges reopened after lockdown. This causes some psychological issues to the faculties. This paper examines the causes of such psychological issues and level of stress to the faculties due to the issues in reopening of classes after COVID pandemic. A cross sectional study was conducted among 175 college faculties in Erode District and the collected data was analysed with the support of Chi-Square and Rank analysis techniques. The research results found that issues related to the behaviour of the students are the prominent stressors to the teachers than their academic burden. The researcher suggest that, the students are not mentally ready to come back to the regular college after pandemic sufferings which may cause some changes in their behaviour. Hence it is suggested to provide psychological counselling to the students which may help them to come over from the aftermath of COVID pandemic.

Pages: 8866-8874

Keywords: Covid Pandemic, students, teachers, perceived stress, causes of stress.

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