Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Study On Nurses: Covid -19 Pandemic

Dr. D Nirmala , Anita Goudar


The term mental is utilized to portray a range of psychological well-being issues, conditions, sicknesses, and problems through to mental prosperity or positive mental health. (Better Mental Health for All, 2016). Psychological well-being is a positive idea connected with people’s and networks’ social and close-to-home prosperity. The present study focuses on the understanding level of mental health among the nurses in a COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers are curious about the HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS as well as NURSES IN THIS COVID-19 PANDEMIC, HATTS OF TO ONE AND ALL, pandemic who are working with dedication and determination to save human lives. This study helps to understand the situation of nurses and helps the assessment of various problems of nurses. Moreover, the researcher is eagerly interested to study this particular topic on nurses because during this pandemic number of health care providers and nurses sacrifice their life, Researcher Dedicated this study to nurses.

Pages: 8883-8894

Keywords: Mental Health, Nurses, Covid -19 Pandemic.

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