Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Women’s Lives In The Selected Novels By Nirupama Borgohain

Mr. Sanidul Islam


Nirupama Borgohain is one of the most prominent feminist characters in Assam. This paper explores how Nirupama Borgohain presents women's issues in her novels. In addition, this paper discusses five female-dominated novels by Nirupama Borgohain. Since the beginning, she has focused on various issues of women and published them through her writings. Till today, she continues to protest against some of the immoral behavior of patriarchal society. She has contributed to the world of Assamese literature through creative writing for a long time. She has written many powerful novels based on realism in which she discusses in conscious detail the inequality between men and women in society and its problems. She herself reveals this discrimination as one of the best examples she has encountered. She has received various awards and accolades including the Sahitya Akademi in recognition of her outstanding contributions. She won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1994 for her novel The Explorer. Her outstanding novels on women include “Anya Jivan”, Sei Nadi Nirabhadi, Abhiyatri, Iparor Ghar Hiparor Ghar, Champavati, etc. Most of these novels are written about the lives of middle-class women. In these novels, the author observed the situations faced by women and was determined to fight against them as a self-respecting person. The novels address several contemporary concerns such as domestic concerns of violence, gender discrimination, sexual discrimination or discrimination, and class representation.

Pages: 8923-8927

Keywords: Discrimination, Patriarchal, inequality, tradition, feminine.

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