Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Utility Water Of River Ganga With Insinuation To Rheogical And Becteriological Attributes During Kanwar Mela 2021, At Haridwar, Uttrakhand : A Chronology

Vipin Chand , Dr. Deepak Som


The present investigation was conducted to study the water quality of river Ganga during Kanwar Mela 2017 with reference to physico-chemical and microbiological characteristics at Haridwar city. Five sampling sites viz., Har ki Pauri (HKP), Vishnu Ghat (VG), Daksh Mandir (DM), Pul Jatwara (PJ) and Bhimgoda Barrage (BGB as control) were selected for collection of water samples. The reseult revealed that among the different sampling sites, the maximum values of EC (0.164 dS m-1 ), TS (545 mg L-1 ), TDS (320 mg L-1 ), TSS (225 mg L-1 ), pH (8.76), DO (10.04 mg L-1 ), BOD (4.76 mg L-1 ), COD (6.89 mg L-1 ), Cl- (124.50 mg L-1 ), Hardness (232.54 mg L1 ), Alkalinity (158.36 mg L-1 ), NO3 2- (76.88 mg L-1 ), SO4 2- (228.34 mg L-1 ), SPC (6.8106 SPC ml -1 ), MPN (4.6108 MPN 100 ml -1 ), Cd (BDL), Cu (0.171 mg L-1 ), Cr (1.503 mg L-1 ), Fe (3.642 mg L-1 ), Ni (BDL) and Zn (2.456 mg L-1 ) of Ganga River water were recorded higer at Har ki Pauri (HKP) in comparison to Vishnu Ghat (VG), Daksh Mandir (DM), Pul Jatwara (PJ) and Bhimgoda Barrage (BGB) sampling sites. Therefore, it was concluded from the present investigation that the mass bathing and relegious activities greatly influenced the water quality of River Ganga and significantly contributed to the water pollution of River Ganga during the Kanwar Mela 2021.

Pages: 8980-8990

Keywords: Ganga river, Heavy metals, Kanwar Mela , Microbiological parameters, Water quality

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