Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Improved Email Spam Detection Using An Integrated Approach Of Lstm And Attention Mechanism



When it comes to sharing information over the internet, email is a must-have. Spamming has emerged as a profitable industry thanks to the proliferation of email. Spam refers to unsolicited electronic mail or text communications sent to Internet users. Spamming entails distributing commercial communications to large numbers of people who have not requested them. These unwanted communications not only clog up the network's resources (especially its memory) but may also be exploited in attacks. The target of such an assault might have his data or identity exposed to others, or both. In this study, we explore an LSTM (long short term memory) integrated approach to spam detection.

Pages: 9043-9052

Keywords: Long Short Term Memory LSTM, Email, spam detection, web data communication

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