Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Consumer Behavior In The Digital Age: An Empirical Study Of Online Shopping Habits And Price Elasticity

Mahmoud Kamal Abouraia , Dr. Rania Mohamed Al Morsey


This research study delved into an empirical investigation of consumer behavior within the context of online shopping, with a specific focus on analyzing price elasticity and the factors influencing purchasing decisions. Through a comprehensive survey conducted in both urban and rural areas, various demographic variables, including gender, age, education, income, occupation, and location, were analyzed to understand their influence on online shopping behavior. The findings revealed significant associations between education, income, occupation, and location with online shopping behavior, highlighting the importance of these factors in shaping consumers' engagement with online retail platforms. Furthermore, the study indicated no significant associations between age and gender with online shopping behavior, suggesting the need for a more nuanced understanding of these demographic variables in the context of e-commerce. The results provide valuable insights for e-commerce businesses to tailor their marketing strategies and product offerings to maximize revenue and profit in the dynamic digital marketplace.

Pages: 9205-9217

Keywords: Consumer behavior, online shopping, digital age,

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