Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Investigation Of Security Enhancement With The Implementation Of Facts Devices Under Single Line Contingencies



FACTS technology opens a new platform to rethink and re-engineer the future power systems and has arisen as an appealing solution for boosting performance of existing transmission assets. Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System is an idea which assists to modulate and reverse the power flow through the transmission lines, in a quick, accurate and precise manner. Applications of FACTS devices not only improve the system performance, but also provide more flexibility to the network operation. Increasingly over any of the astounding events like abrupt increase in system loading or contingency, may decline the bus voltages unexpectedly and subsequently threatening the system security. It is essential to have an investigation ahead and trace the locations and type of FACTS device, so as to defeat and overcome the conditions threatening the system security. System loadability and voltage stability have been treated as good indicators of power system security. This work shows examination and subsequently the impact of placement of different FACTS devices under single line contingency conditions. The optimal placement of multi type FACTS devices has been carried out using various heuristic search techniques like PSO,WIPSO, BBO & LOA techniques are compared and the outcomes are investigated.

Pages: 9270-9287

Keywords: Security enhancement, Optimal FACTS device placement, TCSC, SVC UPFC placement.

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