Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Radiative Prandtl–Eyring Fluid Flow With Magnetohydrodynamics Over A Stretching Sheet Under Convective Heating: A Keller Box Method Investigation

K. Keziya , and Ch. Suresh kumar


This work sheds light on the intricate interdependencies within the magneto-hydrodynamic boundary layer flow of a Prandtl-Eyring fluid with heat effects. The numerical solutions and resulting trends provide valuable insights for applications in fields such as materials science, engineering, and physics. The partial differential Equations describing the momentum and heat equations are converted into ordinary differential equations which are nonlinear, with the assistance of similarity transformations. Numerical solution for the above equations is brought forth by employing the Keller-Box method. The out puts of our study is explained through tables and graphs. It is seen that there is uplift in velocity profiles and a drop in temperature profiles with an increase in Fluid parameter . Furthermore, the thickness of thermal boundary layer increases because of the increase in Biot number as well as thermal Radiation .

Pages: 9288-9303

Keywords: MHD, radiation, Prandtl – Eyring fluid, convective heating, Keller box method.

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