Volume 21, No. 2, 2024

Influence Of Organizational Learning On Innovation Performance With The Intermediate Role Of Organizational Agility: The Case Of Vietnam

Ta Ngoc Mai , Tran Trong Phu Bao , La Phuong Thao , Cao Thi Thu Huyen , Tran Tuan Viet , Do Thi Dong


Learning is the key for people to become different, have an identity and expand their creativity and dedication. That is also the key for a business to continuously grow in capacity, contributing to the overall development of the organization. The goal of this article is to explore the impact of organizational learning and organizational agility on innovation performance. Create cutting-edge solutions and improve corporate innovation performance by enhancing organizational learning and organizational agility across the business. In particular, businesses need to transform strongly to promptly adapt to market changes. The article uses quantitative research methods with the sample size of 295 enterprises in Vietnam. The results show that organizational learning and the general aspect of organizational agility measured in the study: sensing agility and responding agility have a positive impact on innovation performance. Thereby, suggestions to improve organizational agility and innovation performance basing on enhancing the positive impact of organizational learning are given.

Pages: 157-183

Keywords: Innovation performance, organizational agility, organizational learning.

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