Volume 17, No. 3, 2020

Relationship Of Innovation, Internet Usage, Open Data, And Legal Framework With The Effectiveness Of Open Government In Latin American Countries

Miguel Ángel Medina Romero

Pages: 1-14

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Analyse The Different Routing Algorithms For Energy Efficiency In Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review

Anil Kumar , Dr. Ankit Kumar , Ritu Yadav

Pages: 15-27

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Factors Impacting Mobile Technology Acceptance In Higher Education Faculty

Dr. Samnan Ali , Dr. M. Amaad Uppal , Muhammad Basir

Pages: 28-42

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Use Of RFID Technology In Libraries

Sudipta Kalita

Pages: 43-47

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Applications Of Empirical Law In Geochemistry Research In India: A Scientometric Analysis


Pages: 48-56

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Scientometric Analysis Of Biodiversity Research Productivity In India: A Study


Pages: 57-70

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A Comparison To Estimate The Parameters Of The Logistic Regression Model By The Maximum Likelihood Estimation And The Firefly Algorithm"A Field Study About Projections In Pregnant Women"

Waleed Ahmed Hassen

Pages: 71-77

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A Standard Study Of Investigating The Impact Of Some Economic Variables In Iraqi Investment

Waleed Ahmed Hassen

Pages: 78-92

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The Effect Of Foreign Investment On The Iraqi National Income

Waleed Ahmed Hassen

Pages: 93-103

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Scholarly Funded Research Projects And Its Publications & Citations Impact: A Study On State Universities Of Tamil Nadu

Dr. B.Jeyapragash , A.Muthuraj

Pages: 104-114

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Governance And Security Question In Nigeria 1999-2020

O. C. Eze , B. E. Nwamuo , M. J. Eteng , U. U. Mmaju , L. I. Ugbudian , E. C. Alaku , F. M. Nwankwo , F. N. Onyekere , U. S. Osisioma , C. C. Nwaoha & H. C. Nwaigwe

Pages: 115-128

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Women’s Political Representation And Leadership: A Study With Special Reference To Assam

Topu Choudhury

Pages: 129-138

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Indian Thoughts In Context Of Knowledge

Dr. Atulkumar Bhikhabhai Unagar

Pages: 139-145

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Maize Crop Disease Dataset

Subodh Bansal , Aditi Bansal

Pages: 146-154

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Vehicle Detection And Count Using Opencv

Vijay D Chaudhari , Dr. Anil J Patil

Pages: 155-160

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The Iran-Saudi Arabia Rivalry: Struggle For Dominance In Iraq

Zheer Ahmed , Tahir Qureshi , Nisha Praveen

Pages: 161-170

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Mental Health Among The College Teachers - A Study

Dr. D.Nirmala

Pages: 171-184

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Implementation Of Sanctions For Corruption Toward Personnel Of The Indonesian National Armed Forces

Tamrin , A Djoko Sumaryanto , Karim

Pages: 185-190

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The Couple Of Spherical Particles In A Liquid Show To A Standing Bulk Acoustic Wave (B.A.W).

Shashi Shekhar Vidyarthi

Pages: 191-198

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Issues And Challenges Of Sanitation Workers -An Intersectional Analysis

Dr. S Suba & Sheethal T S

Pages: 199-211

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“Modified Double Basin Solar Still Performance Analysis By Using Multilayer Absorber Plate”

Prof. Kiran D. Parmar , Maherban R Tharadara

Pages: 212-220

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Impact Of Roads And Road Construction On The Socio-Economic Status Of A Community

Dr. C. Kubendran

Pages: 221-225

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Unmasking The Secrets: A Survey Of Cryptanalysis Techniques For Social Networking Apps

Shrikant Burje, Sandeep Bhad

Pages: 226-233

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Expert System For Yield Prediction

Dr. Gajanan P. Dhok

Pages: 234-237

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Predicting Unexpected Permission Authorization Of Android Application Using Machine Learning

Manisha Patil and Dhanya Pramod

Pages: 238-261

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