Volume 18, Special Issue on Information Retrieval and Web Search, 2021

An Analysis of Feature Selection Algorithm and their Optimization - A Scrutiny

S. Bharani Nayagi and T.S. Shiny Angel

Pages: 01-20

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18008

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An Efficient Tenth Order Iterative Method for Solving Non-linear Equations with Chemical Applications

Mani Sandeep Kumar Mylapalli, Rajesh Kumar Palli, Ramadevi Sri and Muralidhar Pamerla

Pages: 21-31

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18009

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Real Time Face Recognition based Smart Lab for Energy Conservation

M. Karthikeyan, T.S. Subashini and M.S. Prashanth

Pages: 32-41

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18010

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Image Processing Techniques in Periapical Dental X-Ray Image Detection and Classification

M. Sangeetha, Kailash Kumar and Ahmed Abdullah Aljabr

Pages: 42-53

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18011

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A Bibliometric Analysis of Dropbox on Scopus Publication

Nor Nashrah Azmi and Azham Hussain

Pages: 54-78

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18012

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Bibliometric Analysis of Published Literature on e-Wallet

Rajeshkumar Sugu and Azham Hussain

Pages: 79-91

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18013

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Intention to Use Facebook for Travel Planning: An Investigation on Generation Z Users in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Thi Hai Thuy, Vu Minh Hieu and Bui Pham Minh Duy

Pages: 92-106

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18014

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Bibliometric Analysis of Public Literature on Google Drive

Noor Salizabinti Mohd Salleh and Azham Hussain

Pages: 107-124

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18015

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Econometric Evaluation of Influential Factors to Increasing Labor Efficiency in Textile Enterprises

Jamshid Sh. Tukhtabaev, Barno R. Tillaeva, Barno S. Razakova, Gulmira N. Ismagulova and Islom A. Achilov

Pages: 125-139

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18024

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Process of Requirement Gathering and Techniques for Web Application

V. Vamsi Krishna and G. Gopinath

Pages: 140-152

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18063

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The Google Advertising Service Adoption Behavior of Enterprise in the Digital Transformation Age

Nguyen Minh Ha and Bui Thanh Khoa

Pages: 153-170

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18064

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Implementation of Energy Efficient Fog based Health Monitoring and Emergency Admission Prediction System Using IoT

S. Amudha and M. Murali

Pages: 171-189

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18065

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Study on the Usage of Mobile Banking Application during COVID-19 Pandemic

Akhil B Nair, Keerthana S Prabhu, B.R. Aditya, C.V. Durgalashmi and A. Sivadasa Prabhu

Pages: 190-207

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18066

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Hindi Chhattisgarhi Machine Translation System Using Statistical Approach

Vikas Pandey, Dr.M.V. Padmavati and Dr. Ramesh Kumar

Pages: 208-222

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18067

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Identification of Passenger Demand in Public Transport Using Machine Learning

R. Thiagarajan and Dr.S. Prakashkumar

Pages: 223-236

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18068

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Image Augmentation Using Hybrid RANSAC Algorithm

Aswathy K Cherian and E. Poovammal

Pages: 237-254

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18069

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Comparative Analysis for Content Defined Chunking Algorithms in Data Deduplication

D. Viji and Dr.S. Revathy

Pages: 255-268

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18070

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Online Customer Reviews on Restaurant Using Blockchain

D. Saveetha and Dr.G. Maragatham

Pages: 269-277

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18071

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Bibliometric Analysis of Behavior-based Safety (BBS): Three Decades Publication Trends

Fadzli Shah Abd Aziz, Khairul Hafezad Abdullah and Sharina Samsudin

Pages: 278-293

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18072

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Accounting Information Security and IT Governance Under COBIT 5 Framework: A Case Study

Qayssar Ali Al-Fatlawi, Dawood Salman Al Farttoosi and Akeel Hamza Almagtome

Pages: 294-310

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18073

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An Hybrid Ensemble Machine Learning Approach to Predict Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

G. Geetha and K. Mohana Prasad

Pages: 311-331

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18074

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A Creative Library Management in Digital Era in Indonesia from Psychopragmatic Perspective

Muhammad Rohmadi, Kundharu Sadhhono and Memet Sudaryanto

Pages: 332-343

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18075

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The Relationship between Leadership Factors and Successful Technopreneur through the Mediator Role of Digital Enabler

Ahmed Abdulqader Alkhoori, Samer Ali AL-shami and Safiah Sedik

Pages: 344-356

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18100

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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Classification with Blood Smear Microscopic Images Using Taylor-MBO based SVM

Nashwan Jasim Hussein

Pages: 357-366

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18104

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Novel Computer Aided Diagnostic System Using Synergic Deep Learning Technique for Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer

Sabah Khudhair Abbas and Rusul. Sabah. Obied

Pages: 367-379

DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI02/WEB18105

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