Volume 18, No. 3, 2021

The Influence Of Job Satisfaction And Organizational Culture On Organizational Performance: Empirical Evidence From Pakistan's Banking Sector

Fadillah Ismail, Muhammad Imran and Adnan Ali Hassan Humaid Al Hosni

Pages: 1-16

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The Effect Of E-After Sales Service And E-Service Quality In Repurchase Intentions On E-Commerce Mediated By Customer Engagement And Trust

Siman , Margono Setiawan , Sunaryo , and Ananda Sabil

Pages: 17-29

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Increasing The Performance Of Indonesian Private Universities Through The Mediating Role Of Network Marketing Agility

Avianita Rachmawati , Noermijati Noermijati , Sumiati Sumiati , Wahdiyat Moko

Pages: 30-64

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Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism For Dealing The Gender Based Violence In Baluchistan

Nizam-u-din Barech , Sumaira Zakir , Allah Noor , Asadwaheed

Pages: 65-88

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Cultural Trauma In The Blue Between Sky And Water

Wardah Naveed , Dr. Irfan Ali Shah , Rabia Shah , Asad Amin , Farhan Ali

Pages: 89-96

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Covid-19 Impacts: Indian OTT Mapping The Conscious Of Audience In Novel Way

Ms. Rudhra TS , Dr. P. Tamilarasan

Pages: 97-102

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Enhancing Occupational Vocabulary Of The Hoteliers Through Web-Based Learning

Christ Helan , Dr.P.Tamilarasan

Pages: 103-113

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A Study Of Re Examined Concept Of Socio-Economic Realism In Aravind Adiga’s Short Stories

Priyadharsini T G P , Dr. S.Mahadevan

Pages: 114-122

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Quality Of Service Optimization In Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network

Samiullah Khan , Matiullah , Saman Shakir , Nida Gul Daraz , Mohammad Asim Abbas

Pages: 123-143

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Dhruva Sreenivasa Chakravarthi , Dr. Harishchandra Singh Rathod , Dr. Veena Prasad Vemuri , Devashish Pandey

Pages: 144-150

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An Empirical Study Of Relationship Between Job Satisfaction On Organizational Commitment In Banking Sector Employees In Coimbatore

Dr. K K Ramachandran , P.T. Kavitha , Tharangini A , S. Tamil Maran

Pages: 151-168

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A Study On The Security Requirements, Risk Identification, And Threats Associated With Cloud Computing

Minhaj khan , Mohammadi Akheela Khanum

Pages: 169-187

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Role Of Iot In Transformation Of Marketing: A Quantitative Study Of Oppurtunities And Challenges

Dr. Priyanka Sehgal , Dr, Bhushan Kumar , Maheshwari Sharma , Anas A. Salameh , Sumit Kumar , Dr. P. Asha

Pages: 188-198

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Novel Semantic Approach Based Ranking Algorithm Framework For Advancing Search Engines

Manju More E , Sunil Kumar G , Manjunathswamy B E , Mustafa Basthikodi , Thriveni J and Venugopal KR

Pages: 199-212

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Multimodal Biometric Fusion Of Face Iris In Person Recognition Framework

Asha K H , Manjunathswamy B E , Krishnamurthy M , Sunil Kumar G and Mustafa Basthikodi

Pages: 213-230

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Efficiency, Technology And Manpower In Banking Industry

Aswin Rivai

Pages: 231-249

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Nutraceutical Potential Of Chakli Prepared By Gluten-Free Composite Flour

Srishti Agarwal and Ekta Singh Chauhan

Pages: 250-257

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New Normal In Covid-19 Pandemic Times: Applying Tourism 4.0in Karimunjawa Tourism

Robetmi Jumpakita Pinem , Sari Listyorini and Dinalestari Purbawati

Pages: 258-268

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Synthesis Of Bio Fertilizer Using Fish Waste And Its Utilization- An Eco-Friendly Approach

C.M. Noorjahan

Pages: 269-278

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Design And Simulation Of Covid Diagnostic Room For A Hospital

Favas A.S and B. Bavanish

Pages: 279-288

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The Confirmatory Factor Analysis Of Lorong Community Empowerment Dimension In Forming Makassar Healthy City, Indonesia

Sukri Palutturi , Lalu Muhammad Saleh , Muhammad Rachmat and Jalaluddin Abdul Malek

Pages: 289-299

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Thrust Of Employee Engagement Factors For Job Satisfaction Among Employees Of Aviation Industry

Deepti Dubey: , Dr. Geeta Rana

Pages: 300-310

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Harassment Of Women At Workplace In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan: Causes And Faultiness In The Legal And Institutional Framework

Dr. Hamida , Tabinda Rani , Muhammad Shabir

Pages: 311-327

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Social Value Creation Through Social Entrepreneurship: Intervening Effect Of Entrepreneurial Resilience, Education And Pro-Social Behavior

Khaliq Ur Rehman , Mostak Ahamed Galib

Pages: 328-350

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Granger Causality Between Economic Growth And Governance In The MENA Region: A Panel Data Approach

Nadia Farjallah , Asma Sghaier

Pages: 351-374

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