Volume 18, No. 4, 2021

A Study Of Consumer Satisfaction Towards Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Dr. Simerjeet Singh Bawa , Kirti Prashar , Prerna Tikku , Roopika , Tanveer Kaur,

Pages: 1-11

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DSAC Digital Signature For Access Control In Information Centric Network

Zaki Ullah , Muhammad Inam Ul Haq , Samiullah Khan , Zubair , Saman Shakir

Pages: 12-38

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Assessment Of Resilience And Anxiety Among Adolescents Using Person In The Rain Technique; Covid 19 Perspective

Shruti Mittal and Dr Mamata Mahapatra

Pages: 39-47

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Human-In-The-Loop Data Classification Framework Using Locality Sensitive Hashing

T. Jebeula , Dr. J. Jebamalar Tamilselvi

Pages: 48-60

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A Study On Export Growth Performance Of Msmes With Special Reference To Salem District

S.Nandhini , Dr.V.R.Palanivelu

Pages: 61-69

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Email Spam Detection & Prediction Using Deep Clustering And Multi-Regression Models

I V S Venugopal , D Lalitha Bhaskari , M N Seetaramanath

Pages: 70-85

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Detecting Fake Reviews Through Multinomial Naive Bayes Algorithm With Deep Learning Techniques

Mr.Senthil S.Sekhar , Dr.K.Satyanarayana

Pages: 86-96

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Predicting Heart Disease Using Feature Selection Techniques Based On Data Driven Approach


Pages: 97-108

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Social Beliefs And Customs Projected In The Sanskrit Novel Avināśi

Dr. Hiramoni Goswami

Pages: 109-112

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Model Of Owns An Optical Wavelength Division Multiplexing (Wdm) Network Simulator

Akshay Risal Singh , Dr Dipti Kumari

Pages: 113-121

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E-Government In India: Theory, Convention, And Expansion

Manish Kumar Chaudhary , Dr Dipti Kumari

Pages: 122-129

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Samiullah Khan , M. Adnan , Matiullah , Saman Shakir , Fahim Khan Khalil

Pages: 130-150

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Classification Of Hyperspectral Images Using Densenet-264 With Tensorflow

G. Narendra , Dr. D. Siva kumar

Pages: 157-170

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Modelling The Effect Of E Service Quality On Consumer Satisfaction Towards E Grocery

Kirti Prashar , Dr. Anil Kalotra

Pages: 171-180

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Ethnic Mosaic In The Select Novels Of Bharathi Mukherjee

P.Vimala rani , Kodaikanal , Dr.K.M.Sumathi

Pages: 181-185

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A comparative study on various Machine Learning Techniques for Human Activity Recognition and Fall Detection

Neelabh sao , Dr. Sipi Dubey

Pages: 186-202

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Effectiveness Of Virtual Classroom : A Comparative Study Of Theoretical And Practical Papers

Dr. Aditi R Khandelwal , Dr. Ankita Chaturvedi , Ms. Vikram Kanwar

Pages: 203-210

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Building Environment For A Good Business: The Integration Of Scrum Project Management Method To Find And Develop Innovative Business Solutions In Peru

Jose Luis Arias Gonzáles , Giovana Araseli Flores Turpo , Isela Moscoso Paricoto , Shanda Ugarte Molina , Amanda Rosa Maldonado Farfan , Wily Leopoldo Velásquez Velásquez , Gloria María Delgado Suaña , Roxana Cruz Chuyma

Pages: 211-225

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Impact Of Employee Attitude On Productivity And Performance: A Study On Organizational Employee Behavior In Iron And Steel Industry Of India

Sumona Das , Dr.S.A. Haider

Pages: 226-236

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License Plate Detection and Recognition using YOLO v4

Meena Deshpande , Veena M.B.

Pages: 237-244

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“Folk Culture, Folk Literature And Folk Songs Of Assam: A Surveillance Study”

Dr. Deepak Kumar Gupta & Dr. Kanima Pathak

Pages: 245-249

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A Mysterious and Darkside of The Darknet: A Qualitative Study

fsana Anjumi ; Dr. Chamandeep Kaur ; Sunanda Kondapall ; Mohammed Ashafaq Hussain ; Ahmed Unissa Begum ; Samar Mansoor Hassen ; Dr. Mawahib Sharafeldin Adam Boush ; Atheer Omar S Benjeed ; Dr. Mohammed Hassan Osman Abdalraheemi

Pages: 285-294

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An Evaluation Of The Use Of Active Learning Pedagogy In L2 Classrooms: A Study Conducted At Graduate Level In Bahawalpur

Anila Khan , Dr. Sumaira Qanwal , Dr. Zafar Iqbal Bhatti

Pages: 295-316

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Importance Of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test In Selection And Competency Development Of Working Employees

Aditi Sharma , Dr. Swati Mishra

Pages: 317-324

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Impact Of Social Media Marketing On Customers Buying Decision In Durable Goods -A Survey Of Customers Of Electronic Products In Himachal Pradesh

Munish Kumar Thakur

Pages: 325-340

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