Volume 18, No. 5, 2021

Fast Syndrome-Cryptographic Hash Storage Based Tanimoto Index Margin Relaxing Support Vector Regressive Data Auditing With Iot

S.Sivakamasundari , Dr.K.Dharmarajan

Pages: 1-14

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Covid-19 Prediction Modeling Using Bidirectional Gated Recurrent Unit Network Model

G.Tirupati , MHM Krishna Prasad , P.Srinivasa Rao

Pages: 15-41

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Measuring The Impact Of Youtube Ads On The Buying Behavior Of Consumers In Chennai Through Brand Recognition And Motivation

Dr.N. Zeenath Zarina , Mr. W. Joshua , Dr. Hannah Catherine , Mr. R. Raghu Raman

Pages: 42-54

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Impact Of COVID-19 On Employee Engagement In IT And Teaching Sector With Reference To Chennai City

Dr. N. Zeenath Zarina , Dr. Hannah Catherine , Mr. W. Joshua , Mr. R. Raghu Raman

Pages: 55-69

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Diversity And Inclusion At Work Places

Dr. Vishal P. Deshmukh , Mrs. Jyoti Yadav

Pages: 70-75

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Free Space Optical Communication System -A Comprehensive Review

Kamal Malik , Kulwant Singh

Pages: 76-90

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Review Of Optical Fiber Communication System-Introduction And Applications

Swarnjeet kaur and Kamal Malik

Pages: 91-104

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Crypto Currency Mining-A Centralised Exchange Model For Thorniest Issues


Pages: 105-114

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Comparative Analysis Of Task Scheduling Algorithms In Cloud Environment In Term Of Their Future Prospective And Risk

Dr. Sunil Kumar , Dr. Subhash Chander

Pages: 115-125

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A Study On Perceptional Motivation Factors Influencing To Buy Organic Foods With Special Reference To Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh State, India

Prof.J.Katyayani , Ms.S. Sreedevi , Dr.G.Latha

Pages: 126-137

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A Study On Social Group Influence Towards Green Product Consumers Buying Behaviour

Prof.J.Katyayani , Dr.Lalitha Rani , Dr.Y.Suneetha

Pages: 138-146

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Automation Of Swimming Pools To Prevent Drowning Deaths Using Iot , Sensors And Unique Algorithm

Pillalamarri. Laxman , Dr. Anuj Jain

Pages: 147-157

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A Hybrid Intrusion Detection Model For VANET Using SDN And Growing Hierarchical Self-Organizing Maps

K. Savitha , Dr. C.Chandrasekar

Pages: 158-182

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Cardiopathy Symptoms Diagnosis Based On A Secure RealTime ECG Signal Transmission

Azmi Shawkat Abdulbaqi , Abbas Abdulazeez Abdulhameed , Ahmed J. Obaid

Pages: 183-194

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Ecology Is Political: A Review On The Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Power Project Dam Construction


Pages: 195-205

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Investment Behaviour Of National Payment System Subscribers Under All Citizen Model

Anirban Patgiri , Pinky Gogoi

Pages: 206-215

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When Queer Becomes Quintessential: Eros Under The Elms In Desire Under The Elms

Atifa Binth e Zia , Maleeha Nazim , Dr. Zafar Iqbal Bhatti

Pages: 216-225

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SEDDA-An Optimal Feature Selection Approach For Breast Cancer Diagnosis

S. Vani Kumari , K. Usha Rani

Pages: 226-242

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Guillain-Barre Syndrome In Tamil Nadu, India- A Fifteen Years Retrospective Study In Patient’s Perspectives

M.G. Fajkul Kareem , A.A.Sathakathulla

Pages: 243-260

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Portrayal Of Women’s Issues In Leading Press Of India And Pakistan

Syed Ali Hassan Shah , Dr. Shahid Minhas , Dr. Abdual Ghani , Dr. Tasaddaq Hussain , Hamza Rehman Butt

Pages: 261-273

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Disaster Prediction And Post Disaster Management Using Machine Learning And Bluetooth

Neha Gupta , Kamlesh Kumar Rana

Pages: 274-292

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Job Satisfaction Of Civil Servants In Local Governments In Indonesia Influenced By Perceived Organizational Support And Affective Commitment

Frecilia Nanda Melvani , Mohamad Adam , Zunaidah , Yuliani

Pages: 293-301

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Senior Management Support As A Moderation Of The Influence Of Organizational Culture And Characteristics Of Internal Auditors On The Effectiveness Of Internal Audits

Betri , Etty Murwaningsari

Pages: 302-324

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Trade Intensity And Trade Complementarity Between India And Bangladesh


Pages: 325-334

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A Systematic Analysis Of State Agricultural University Library Web Pages In India-An Evaluation

Kiran C K , Neethu Mohanan , Vijesh P.V , Joseph M K

Pages: 335-349

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