Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Effect Of Blob And String Data Type On Time And Space Consumption In Recognition Based Image Authentication Scheme

Zeeshan I. Khan , Vijaya K. Shandilya

Pages: 6507-6522

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Right To Free And Equal Education Opportunities: A Case Study Of Pakistan

Khalid Saleem , Shehzad Admad , Hira Atiq , Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal

Pages: 6523-6533

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Impact Of English Language Textbooks On Intercultural Communicative Competence

Muhammad Yasin , Abdul Momin , Dr. Noveen Javed

Pages: 6534-6544

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Gain Ratio With Optimization Based Feature Selection Method


Pages: 6545-6557

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Fear Of Covid-19 And Hope: Mediating Role Of Spirituality

Dr. Shamaila Asad , Ms. Anum Rabbani , Ms. Shabana Noureen , Mr. Saad Ullah

Pages: 6558-6565

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Existential And Nihilistic Perspectives In N.M Rashid’s Poetry

Rao Muhammad Umar , Dr. Muhammad Saeed , Dr. Syeda Misbah Rizvi

Pages: 6566-6573

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An Efficient Pre-Processing Method Using Optimization Techniques For Heart Disease Prediction

V. Chezhiyan , Dr. D.J. Evanjaline

Pages: 6574-6588

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Highly Cited Works In Covid-19 Drugs, Vaccine And Medicine: A Scientometric Study

Y. Arputha Sahaya Rani , A. Shanmuganathi , Dr. M. Surulinathi

Pages: 6589-6604

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An Examination Of Teachers’ Instructional Practices Fostering Student’s Engagement

Dr. Zahid Ullah , Dr. Nosheen Saba , Dr. Sumera Imran , Dr. Muhammad Abouzar , Muhammad Fazil, Sher Daraz

Pages: 6605-6610

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Extrinsic And Intrinsic Motivation Among Elite And Non-Elite Women Cricketers Of Pakistan

Ammara Rubab , Yasmeen Iqbal

Pages: 6611-6622

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Influence Of Servant Leadership On Faculty Retention In Private Higher Education Institutes (Heis): A Reflective Formative Approach

Aneela Sheikh , Nasir Mahmood , Aziah Ismail , Naveed A. Tariq , Muhammad Farhan Tabasssum

Pages: 6623-6640

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Makeup Motivation And Quality Of Life In Pakistani Women: A Moderating Role Of Social Approval

Zainab Iqbal , Saira Maqsood , Fatima Naeem , Fatima Salman , Fizza Ali , Muhammad Farhan Tabassum

Pages: 6641-6648

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Interpersonal Support, Professional Quality Of Life And Work Stress In Working Women

Saira Maqsood , Marva Sohail , Fatima Naeem , Fatima Salman , Shehar Bano , Muhammad Farhan Tabassum

Pages: 6649-6661

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A Study On Effective Utilization Of E-Banking Services With Special Reference To Working Women In Madurai

Mrs. K. Anandha Jothi Jeyalakshmi , Dr. D.Muthusamy

Pages: 6662-6672

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Impact Of Transformational Leadership On Sports Practice Strategies Of Female Rugby Players

Saima Rasheed , Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera , Muhammad Farhan Tabassum

Pages: 6673-6685

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Effects Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Physical Activity Of University Athletes

Javeria Iman Ullah , Yasmin Iqbal, M. Farhan Tabassum , Abdul Fahim , Sadaf Hussain

Pages: 6686-6698

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Identifying Faces Of Oppression In Transgenders’ Autobiographies

Dr. Mamona Yasmin Khan , Mubashira Aziz , Farhana Yasmin

Pages: 6710-6723

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Dr. Fazlur Rahman’s Understanding Of Seerah In The Context Of Modernity

Dr. Ghulam Shabbir , Muhammad Akhtar , Dr. Farhana Mehmood , Dr. Abdul Qadir Abdul Wahid , Dr. Muhammad Imran , Dr. Sareer Khan

Pages: 6724-6747

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Predicting Chess Opening Through Modelling Of Chess Opponents

Debarpan Bose Chowdhury ; Banashree Sen

Pages: 6748-6757

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Implicit Meanings Of Symbols: A Post-Colonial Critique Of Ahmad Ali’s Twilight In Delhi

Eid Nawaz Khan , Aziz Ullah Khan , Yousaf Kamran Bhatti

Pages: 6758-6770

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Agile Vs. Classical Software Development Project Management: Issues And Challenges

Mehmood Ahmed , Asim Shahzad , Muhammad Zeeshan , Ahsan Zubair , Jamaluddin Mir , Muhammad Zubair Tahir , Aamer Khan , Muhammad Sibt ul Hassan , Muhammad Naeem

Pages: 6771-6777

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Role Of Women's Empowerment In Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: Empirical Evidence From Central Punjab-Pakistan

Hafsah Batool & Muhammad Afzal

Pages: 6778-6809

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Developing The Parameters For Evaluating Contemporary Street Space: A Review Study

Aneela Yaseen

Pages: 6810-6827

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Evolving Ties Of Pakistan With Russia And USA; In The Changing Geo-Strategic Paradigm After 9/11

Miss. Husnul Maab , Dr. Sajid Hussain , Dr. Muhammad Ayaz , Mr. Ejaz Khan

Pages: 6828-6838

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An Assessment Of Pakistan’s Balancing Act In The US-Led ‘War On Terror’

Dr. Sadaf Bashir

Pages: 6839-6852

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