Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Green Productivity In Water Efficiency & Treatment

Krishna Kumar Sinha , Pankaj Kumar , Mukesh Kumar Gupta , M. K. Banerjee

Pages: 1191-1198

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A Comparative Study On The Efficiency Of Concentrating Solar Thermal Technologies In Use At Different Geographical Locations

Pankaj Kumar , Krishna Kumar Sinha , M. K. Gupta , M. K. Banerjee

Pages: 1199-1207

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Distributed Domain Name System Security Solution

Mukesh Kumar Bansal , M. Sethumadhavan , Venkataraman Sarma , M. K. Gupta

Pages: 1208-1220

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A Bibliometric Study And Knowledge Mapping On The Assessment Of Environmental Issues In Bangladesh Between 1975 And 2021

Md. Armanul Haque, Dr. Xiaojuan Zhang, Dr. Md. Shafiul Alam, Md. Sahadat Hossain, Md. Arifur Rahman, Tanjil Bhuiyan , Sohel Mehedi, Farzana Islam Any, Mst. Parveen Sultana

Pages: 1221-1243

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Relative Study: Recognition Of Counterfeit Region In An Image

Shashikala S , Dr Ravikumar G K

Pages: 1244-1254

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Effectiveness Of Government Public Communication Through Social Media Influencers

Wahidin Halim

Pages: 1255-1264

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Determinants Of The Quality And Acceptability Of Moocs: International Vs Indian Perspective

Dr. Gaurav Gupta , Dr. Vikas Kumar , Priyam Mendiratta and Dr. Pratibha Giri

Pages: 1265-1283

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Tracing Of Identical Key Points For Recognition Of CopyMove Forger

Chandrakala , Dr. M Sasikala

Pages: 1284-1305

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A Modified Xgboost Classifier Model For Detection Of Seizures And Non-Seizures

Raveendra kumar , T H Narayanappa , C K Raghavendra , S Poornima G R

Pages: 1306-1321

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Video Saliency Detection Using Modified Hevc And Background Modelling

Mrs. Sharada P N , Dr. S C Lingareddy

Pages: 1322-1330

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A Reversible Watermarking Model To Autheticate Medical Images Using Optimum Linear Filtering

Veena s , Dr. C K Narayanappa , Dr. Shivaprakash G

Pages: 1331-1352

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Educational Policy And Pakistan’s Campus Radio: A Students’ Perception

Maria Noreen , Dr. Bakht Rawan , Dr. Nadia Khadam & Nusrat Azeema

Pages: 1353-1371

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Muhammad Idrees , Ashfaq Ahmad , Muhammad Arif Butt , and Hafiz Muhammad Danish

Pages: 1372-1388

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Workflow Scheduling Using Energy Aware Makes Pan Minimization Mechanism In Cloud Computing

Chaya T D , Dr. Mohamed Rafi

Pages: 1389-1408

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Online Makes pan And Energy Optimization Mechanism With Dynamic Task Arrival And Parallel Processing In Cloud Computing Environment

Chaya T D , Dr. Mohamed Rafi

Pages: 1409-1428

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Selective Multi-Head Attention For Abstractive Text Summarization Using Coverage And Pointer Generator

Pramod kumar amaravarapu , Akhil khare

Pages: 1452-1463

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Weighted Focal Loss Function For Evaluating Effectiveness Of Word Embeddings On Suggestion Mining From Opinion Reviews

Naveen Kumar Laskari , Suresh Kumar Sanampudi

Pages: 1464-1483

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The Effect Of Economic Growth, Industrialization, Urbanization And Energy Used On CO2 Emission In BRIC Countries

Nitu Moni Sut , Chandini Sonowal

Pages: 1484-1494

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Role Of Panchayati Raj System In Transforming Rural India


Pages: 1495-1502

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Agile Approaches For Effort Estimation In Software Development Process-A Review

Neha Gupta , Rajendra Prasad Mahapatra

Pages: 1503-1518

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Cluster Based Hybrid Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks In Multi Hop Communication

Mohd Rafi Ahmed , Dr. Shaik Mastan Vali and Dr. S. Rajasekaran

Pages: 1519-1531

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Role Of Kohinoor Theatre In Socio-Economic Development Of Assam

Rinikha Devi

Pages: 1532-1547

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Modeling And Simulations Of Wave Energy Converter Using MATLAB WEC Toolbox

Mr. Dhananjay Khankal , Dr. R. L. Edlabadkar

Pages: 1548-1566

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Factors Affecting Customers’ Insight On The Services Quality Of Emirates Airline

Abdoulrahman Aljounaidi , Zaid Othman Dannoun , Siti Maisara Binti Mohammad

Pages: 1567-1589

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The Role Of Technological Amenities On The Performance Of Hotel Industry In Himachal Pradesh

Vaibhav Verma , Dr. Mahesh Uniyal , Dr. Sheetal Thakur , Monika Baltoo Verma

Pages: 1590-1609

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