Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Effect Of Assistive Technology On Knowledge And Practices Of Hearing- Impaired Adolescents Regarding Reproductive Health

Sayeda Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed Soliman , Mona Sadek Shenouda , Enas Helmy El Shair

Pages: 1940-1954

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Efficient Fault Tolerant Cost Driven Mechanism For Scientific Workflow Through Optimal Replication Strategy In Cloud Computing Environment

Asma Anjum , Dr. Asma Parveen

Pages: 1955-1975

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Cellular Traffic Prediction Using Deep Learning-Based Novel Fusion Neural Network And Traffic Variation Handling Algorithm

Supriya H.S , Dr. Chandrakala B.M

Pages: 1976-1994

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An Empirical Performance Evaluation And Comparison Of Different Classifiers On Standard Data Sets

Kamlesh Kumar Raghuvanshi , Subodh Kumar , Arun Agarwal

Pages: 1995-2002

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Privatization Of Public Enterprises And Its Implications On Economic Policy And Development

Darshana Medhi

Pages: 2005-2014

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Analytical Study On Employee Strength For Appraisal

Deena Das. C. S. , Prof. (Dr.) Prakash Divakaran

Pages: 2015-2022

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Price Based Optimal Scheduling Of Thermal Units In Deregulated Power System Using Intelligent Algorithm

V. Kamalanathan and G. Mohan

Pages: 2023-2043

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The Role Of The Indonesian Constitutional Court In Providing The Protection Of The Constitutional Rights For Its Citizens' Through Changes In Indonesian Criminal Procedure Law And Enlarging The Authority Of Pretrial Institutions

Anwar Usman , Nalom Kurniawan , Bahtiyar Efendi

Pages: 2052-2064

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Status Of Arabic Language And Literature In India With Special Reference To Assam

Mofidul Alom Talukdar

Pages: 2065-2069

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Iot Data Preprocessing - A Survey

V.A. Jane , Dr. L. Arockiam

Pages: 2070-2080

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The Bodo Folksongs: Articulating Their Rice-Culture


Pages: 2081-2086

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Comparative Disease Prediction Performance Analysis For Indian Brinjal Plant

Balwant Gorad , Sirbi Kotrappa

Pages: 2087-2107

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Emotional Intelligence (Ei) And Academic Engagement

Shweta Bandi , Dr. Sunil Mishra

Pages: 2108-2115

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Multi Agent System For Intelligent Information Extraction Using JADE A Review

K Pushpavathi , Dr .K. L Shunmuganathan , Dr.K.Manivannan

Pages: 2116-2128

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Promise, Threats, And Personalization In Higher Education With Artificial Intelligence

Hayder Kareem Algabri , K. G. Kharade , R. K. Kamat

Pages: 2129-2139

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Outlier Detection And Denoising By The Measures Of Dispersion With Naïve Bayes To Predict Soil Fertility

Raynukaazhakarsamy , Dr. J. G. R. Sathiaseelan

Pages: 2140-2156

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An Enhanced Approach Of RDF Graph Data In-Memory Processing For Social Networks With Performance Analysis

M. Baby Nirmala , J. G. R. Sathiaseelan

Pages: 2157-2169

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An Analysis Of Roland Barthes's Resurrection Of The Author And Redemption Of Biography

Dr. Zafar Iqbal Bhatti , Anila Khan , Dr. Sumaira Qanwal

Pages: 2170-2181

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Role Of Microfinance In Women Empowerment In Kamrup District Of Assam: A Study In Boko Development Block

Bikash Mazumdar , Niranjan Saikia

Pages: 2182-2189

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A Study On Role Of Motivation And Performance On Academic Staff In Higher Education

Shaik Rahim Basha , Dr.R.Pardhasaradhi , Prof S.Teki

Pages: 2190-2198

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Blockchain Based Device Authentication For The Internet Of Things

D. Janet Ramya , Dr. L. Arockiam

Pages: 2199-2209

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CID: Central Tendency Based Noise Removal Technique For Iot Data

V. A. Jane , Dr. L. Arockiam

Pages: 2210-2217

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Kinded Pointcut Complexity Metric: A Cognitive Approach

Dr. G. Arockia Sahaya Sheela and Dr.K.R.Martin

Pages: 2218-2227

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Student Peformance Prediction Using Feature Imbalance Aware Xgboost Algorithm

Shashi Rekha H , Dr. Chetana Prakash

Pages: 2228-2238

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Presidential Term Limits In The U.S.A Constitution: An Analogous Incorporation Imperitive For Pakistan

Dr. Usman Quddus , Miss. Sajida Faraz , Miss. Kainat Bibi , Muhammad Arif Khan

Pages: 2239-2246

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