Volume 19, No. 4, 2022

The Public Finances Of Bogotá Compared To Barranquilla, Medellín And Cali: A Case Study Analysis For The Colombian Quadricephaly

Frand Alexander Amilcar Pinto Ojeda , Jairo Andres De León Acosta

Pages: 1-14

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Exploring Intra-Genre Functional Variation In Pakistani Newspapers - A Comparison Of Political News With Opinion-Based Reportage

Mudassara Muzaffar , Dr. Maimoona Abdulaziz , Kiran Rabbani , Bahadur Ali

Pages: 15-33

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Evaluation Of Covid-19 Themed Comedy Skits In Social Media Health Reportage In Southern Nigeria

Dr. Chinenye Amonyeze , Austin Okeke , Ogochukwu Agbo

Pages: 34-48

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Principles Of Humanity & Social Solidarity: Indian Perspective

Dr. Arti , Ms. Mandeep Kaur

Pages: 49-56

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Availability And Persistency Of Web Resources On Assam Movement: A Study Of Scopus Indexed Research Articles

Nilakshi Sharma , Dr. Ashutosh Agarahari , Prof. S. N. Singh

Pages: 57-73

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A Comparative Study Of Outsourced Vs In-House Dietary Services In Two Hospitals To Study The Cost Effectiveness

Madhu Arora , Sheetal Thakur , Rekha Kaushik , Dr. Ravi Gupta

Pages: 74-85

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Usb-Based Learning Management System And Its User Acceptance Among Filipino Students

Dave E. Marcial , Janice Antonniette Forster , Ma. Sarah Fatima Valencia , Nemesio Calacat , Ann Beverly Verbosidad

Pages: 86-98

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Pages: 99-109

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Effect of Three-Dimensional Writing Anxiety on Writing Performance: Evidence from Higher Education in an ESL Context

Dr. Muhammad Fareed , Dr. Imran Khan , Dr. Muhammad Shahnawaz Adil

Pages: 110-132

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A Pathetic Cultural Prestige Of Middle East' Women From Princess By Jean Sasson: An Analytical Study

Muhammad Sami , Muhammad Imran , Waseem Ahmad , Muhammad Ishfaq , Muhammad Ansar

Pages: 133-147

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Experimental Study For Preparation And Characterization Of A Mucoadhesive Gel As A Vehicle For Intranasal Delivery Of Topical Antibiotic Therapy

Amr S Mohammed , Diaa ElDin M. ElHennawi , Mohamed T El-Tabbakh , and Omnia Elsayed Kilany , Ahmed Rifaat Gardouh

Pages: 148-159

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The Rule Of The 5s Technology In Achieving The Competitive Advantage For The Industrial Companies Applied Research In The Light Industries Company

Mohammed T Mohammed , Noor Fadhil Shahatha , Ezzaddin Hasan Alhussaini

Pages: 160-166

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A Postcolonial Conflict Of Exotic Otherness In Kamila Shamsie’s Burnt Shadows

Muhammad Javaid Anwar , Dr. Muhammad Imran , Muhammad Naveed Anwar , Usman Kaleem , Omera Saeed

Pages: 167-187

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Development And Validation Of Queen Bee Syndrome Perception Inventory (QBSPI)

Dr. Bushra Hassan , Roza Jamal , Seema Zahid , Sehrish Shaqoor , Wajiha , Dr. Mudassir Hussain

Pages: 188-205

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Pages: 206-221

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Males and the Islamic Family System: An Analytical Study of Legislation on Domestic Violence in Pakistan

Dr. Nabeela Falak , Pro. Dr. Muhammad Hammad Lakhvi

Pages: 222-230

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Family Functionality And Life Satisfaction In College Students

Judith Cristina Martínez-Royert , Milena Pereira Peñate , María Cristina Pájaro-Martínez

Pages: 231-238

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Algorithms To Solve The Classification Problem And Objects Recognition In Images Using Mat Lab

Zainab Fahad mhawes Al-Naseri

Pages: 239-254

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Peace Imaginaries Of The Students Of The University Of Pamplona

Luis Ramiro Portilla Flórez , Edgard Aurelio González Bautista , Aurora Gelvez López

Pages: 255-269

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Cognitive And Non-Cognitive Skills: Meaning, Nature, Types And Uses In Daily Life

Ruchi Singh , Dr. Surendra Pal Singh

Pages: 270-279

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The Mediating Role Of Service Marketing Innovation Between Marketing Knowledge And Corporate Brand Image: Evidence From Alexandria Water Co.

Islam Ali Ibrahim Mohamed Aboda , Prof. Dr. Alaa Elgharbawy , Dr. Shaymaa Farid Fawzy , Dr. Mohamed Abdelkader Abdel Hamid

Pages: 280-295

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Future Security Threats: Study On The Human Factor Of Industrial Security For The Prevention Of Security Leaks In South Korea

Jungbin Lim , Dongkyu Kim

Pages: 296-307

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Machine Learning Based Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease Detection Using Speech Data

Mafas Raheem

Pages: 308-325

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A Methodology For The Design Of Hydraulic Concrete Mixtures, For The Porous Pavement Project, Using Construction Materials From Northern Colombia

José Hernández Ávila , Guillermo Gutiérrez Ribon , Fernando Jove Wilches

Pages: 326-343

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Characterization Of The Fine Subgrade Soils Of The City Of Sincelejo In Northern Colombia, Based On The Soaked CBR Test On Undisturbed Samples

Fernando Jove Wilches , Carlos Millán , José Hernández Ávila

Pages: 344-356

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