Volume 15, No 1, 2018

Patent Citations to Webology Journal on the USPTO Database

Alireza Noruzi

Pages: 01-07

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Content Marketing Process Model: A Meta-Synthesis of the Literature

Zahra Naseri and Alireza Noruzi*

Pages: 8-18

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Social Media Application in Indonesian Academic Libraries

Yeni Budi Rachman and Dinda Ayunindia Putri

Pages: 19-29

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Promotional Strategies for Open Access Resources Discovery and Access

Chinwe V. Anunobi and Rebecca Ape

Pages: 30-45

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Evaluating Metropolitan Assembly Web Sites in Ghana: Accessibility, Compatibility and Usability

Ebenezer Agbozo and Kamen Spassov

Pages: 46-60

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Domain Analysis of D-Lib Magazine: A Bibliometric Study

Ashutosh Agrahari, Chadra Prakash Chaudhary and Syam Narayan Singh

Pages: 61-76

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Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research in the BRICS Countries: A Scientometric Analysis

Renuka S. Mulimani and Gururaj S. Hadagali

Pages: 77-87

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Visualizing Subjective Mapping in the Field of E-book Publishing in the Context of Users and Librarians

Sepideh Fahimifar, Elaheh Hosseini and Abdolreza Noroozi Chakoli

Pages: 88-107

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Cataloguers’ Awareness and Perception of Resource Description and Access (RDA) Rules for Cataloguing Practice in Some Selected Libraries in Bauchi State of Nigeria

Osaheni Oni, John Odion Oshiotse and Tawaletu G. Abubakar

Pages: 108-120

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Book Review - Applied Evaluative Informetrics

Henk F. Moed

Pages: 121-124

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Technology Engagement And Writing Skill: An Analysis Among Elementary-Grade Filipino Learners

Analyn D. Saavedra

Pages: 125-131

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Developing A Prediction Model For Academic Success Of Physics Major Students: An Analysis Employing Data Mining Technique

Vinchail A. Siason

Pages: 132-147

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Personality-Based Simulation For Cooperative Learning Interactions

Vinchail A. Siason

Pages: 148-153

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Lived Experiences Of Badjaos In Cebu City: A Phenomenological Study

Limuel J. Abelgas

Pages: 154-163

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Status of School Climate in Public Sector Secondary Schools of Punjab, Pakistan: A gender-based Comparison

Zafar Iqbal , Khalid Saleem , Hafiz Muhammad Arshad

Pages: 164-172

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Personal Finance Management Of Indian Working Professionals: An Empirical Study

Dr. Harpreet Singh , Dr. D. D. Chaturvedi , Prof. Dr. Anuradha Jain

Pages: 173-184

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The Legal Framework That Endorses The Existence Of A Civil Society: A Study Of Human Rights And Civil Law

Abdul Ghaffar Korai , Ahad Ghaffar

Pages: 185-195

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Effects Of Drugs On Society: Laws And History Of Drugs

Abdul Ghaffar Korai , Ahad Ghaffar

Pages: 196-207

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Authorship Pattern And Degree Of Collaboration In Marine Pollution Research Output

Dr. Baskaran P, Dr. Jayaraman I.

Pages: 208-218

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Two Algorithms For Constructing A Regular Polygon Of Given Side Length

Sajad A. Sheikh

Pages: 219-225

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Experimental Analysis And Optimization Of Variable Parameter Of Solar Air Heater By Using Of Extended Surface On Absorber Plates

Prof. Kiran D. Parmar , Sandipkumar Vasantlal Thakkar

Pages: 226-237

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Ethical Hacking- A Technical Analysis


Pages: 238-257

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Cloud-Connected Iot Temperature Control System With Lm35 Sensor

M. Srinivasa Prasad , Y. Jahnavi

Pages: 258-273

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Development Of Tool Wear Model And Wear Estimation During Turning Of Hard Alloy Steel Using Acoustic Emission Technique

Dr. Sandeep M. Salodkar

Pages: 274-286

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