Volume 15, No 2, 2018

Folks Thesauri or Search Thesauri: Why Semantic Search Engines Need Folks Thesauri?

Alireza Noruzi

Pages: 01-10

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Constructing an Innovative Model of International Security in Information Society

Xingan Li

Pages: 11-26

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Content Analysis of Indonesian Academic Libraries’ Use of Instagram

Yeni Budi Rachman, Hana Mutiarani and Dinda Ayunindia Putri

Pages: 27-37

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Distributed Denial of Service Attack Detection in Application Layer Based on User Behavior

Silvia Bravo and David Mauricio

Pages: 38-53

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The Impact of Web Knowledge Networks on E-service Innovation in Iraqi Tourism Companies

Hamad Karem Hadrawi

Pages: 54-65

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Method for Ontology Content and Structure Optimization, Provided by a Weighted Conceptual Graph

Vasyl Lytvyn, Victoria Vysotska, Dmytro Dosyn and Yevhen Burov

Pages: 66-85

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Ontology Driven Software Development for Automated Documentation

M.P.S. Bhatia, Akshi Kumar and Rohit Beniwal

Pages: 86-112

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Micro Level Source Code Summarization of Optimal Set of Object Oriented Classes

Mrinaal Malhotra and Jitender Kumar Chhabra

Pages: 113-132

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Effects of Scientific Collaboration between Domestic and Foreign Authors on Quality Indices of Journals

Masoud Mohammadi, Mohsen Mansouri, Mojtaba Azghandi Shahri, Fatemeh Sheikhshoaei, Auwal Abdullahi Abubakar, Morvarid Daemi, and Maryam Banisafar*

Pages: 133-145

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Projecting Characteristics To Commitment In Inclusive Education

Janine Joy L.Tenerife

Pages: 146-156

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Liquidity and Profitability Relationship: Analysis of KSE 100 Index Non-Financial Firms in Pakistan

Atiqa Rehman, Hafiz Muhammad Arshad

Pages: 157-167

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Implementation Of Instructional Design In OER Materials: A Conceptual Discourse

Anamika Das

Pages: 168-177

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Legislation And Judicial Precedent In India Pertaining To Communication Technology's Advancement In Mass Media: An Analysis

Surender Kumar

Pages: 178-184

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Embodied Cognition And Its Relevance On Human-Computer Interaction

Sandip Bhaise

Pages: 185-194

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Cultural Tourism – A Historical Review On Rajasthan

Dr. Achintya Mahapatra

Pages: 195-201

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Assessment Of Effective Dose Due To Radon Exposure In Multi Storied Dwellings Of Rajasthan, India

A. Rawat

Pages: 202-208

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Graphical User Interface (GUI) For Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP)

Prof. Ranjit Singh Chauhan

Pages: 209-216

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Analysis And Deployment Of Security Policies In Computer Networks At The Gateway Level

Anupoju Venkata Malleswara Rao , Shaheda Akthar

Pages: 217-230

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A Study Of Children’s Policies In The Context Of Child Labour In India

Niraj B Dave

Pages: 231-240

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Empowering Women Through Mass Media: Shaping Narratives, Driving Change

Dr. Anupma Sinha

Pages: 241-247

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Empowering Analysis And Interpretation: Learning Resource Centers Contribute To Knowledge Discovery

M. Srinivasa Prasad

Pages: 248-259

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Enhancing Embedded Memory Testability: Microcode BIST Optimization For Superior Fault Detection

Meer Tabres Ali and Dr. A A Ansari

Pages: 260-269

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Effectiveness Of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy And Culture Based Instructions Among Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Patients: A Comparative Study

Dr, Rubia Jan , Dr, Shawkat Ahmad Shah , Dr, Arshad Hussain

Pages: 270-281

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Application Of Neural Network Technique To Predict The Tool Wear During Turning Of E0300 Steel

Dr. Sandeep M. Salodkar

Pages: 282-293

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Analysis Of Surface Finish Characteristics Of En31 Alloy Steel Using Ccmt09t308pm4225 And Dnmx150608wm1525 Inserts Under Dry And Wet Environment

Dr. Sandeep M. Salodkar

Pages: 294-300

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