Volume 14, No 2, 2017

Tell Me Why Bob Dylan and the Beatles Song Titles Are Used in Biomedical Literature

Ger T. Rijkers, Anya Luscombe and Carla Sloof


DOI: 78-89

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Hot Papers in Library and Information Science from the Point of View of Research Methods

Alireza Noruzi

Pages: 1-5

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Systematic Literature Review on Opinion Mining of Big Data for Gov ernment Intelligence

Akshi Kumar and Abhilasha Sharma

Pages: 6-47

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The Role of Responsive Design in Web Development

Fernando Almeida and José Monteiro

Pages: 48-65

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Highly-alted articles in Library and Information Science

Mohamma damin Erfanmanesh

Pages: 66-77

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Open Access Health and Medicine Journals An Informative Study

Rabiya Mushtaq, Fayaz Ahmad Loan and Mufazil Ali

Pages: 90-100

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Hybrid Feature Selection And Classification Method For Intrusion Detection In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Pages: 101-123

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White Collar Crime; Downfall Of A Nation

Abdul Ghaffar Korai , Ahad Ghaffar

Pages: 124-135

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The Evolution Of Human Rights From Ancient To Modern Virtual Worlds: Indian And International Perspectives

Surender Kumar

Pages: 136-143

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Analysis Of The Role Of Tourism In Economic Growth Of J&K State

Sourav Mangoch , Dr. D. Jain

Pages: 144-157

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Aligning The Business Processes With The Services To Customers For Successful CRM: A Managerial Perspective

Gaurav Gupta , Himanshu Aggarwal

Pages: 158-184

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Comparative Studies Of Strategies Used In Deadlock Detection And Resolution Using Semaphore Based Dining Philosophers Problem


Pages: 185-197

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Convex Programming Approach For Unified Image Enhancement And White Balancing

M. Jeyakarthic

Pages: 198-209

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