Volume 12, No 1, 2015

What students are saying on Facebook about their schools?

Su Iong Kio

Pages: 1-12

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Analysis of tweets in Twitter

Giovanni Borruto

Pages: 1-11

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Crime vs. demographic factors revisited: Application of data mining methods

Xingan Li, Henry Joutsijoki, Jorma Laurikkala and Martti Juhola

Pages: 1-17

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Aggregate ranking of the world's leading universities

Vladimir M. Moskovkin, Nikolay A. Golikov, Andrey P. Peresypkin and Olesya V. Serkina

Pages: 1-10

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Function of knowledge culture in the effectiveness of knowledge management procedures: A case study of a knowledge-based organization

Mitra Dilmaghani, Fatima Fahimnia, Mohammad Aboyee Ardakan and Nader Naghshineh

Pages: 1-21

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Webgraph connectivity and dynamics: Russian research institutions

Andrey A. Pechnikov and Anthony M. Nwohiri

Pages: 1-13

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Characterizing relatedness of web and requirements engineering

Akshi Kumar, M.P.S. Bhatia and Rohit Beniwal

Pages: 1-12

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