Volume 19, No. 2, 2022

Semantic Analysis, Function and Educational Value of Mantra in Usada Wariga Dalem

Ni Wayan Sariani, I Wayan Rasna, I Nengah Martha, I Gde Artawan

Pages: 1 - 11

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Searching For Justice in The Policy for Combating Illegal Fishing in Indonesia: The Dignified Justice Perspective

Maya Shafira, Muhammad Akib, Eddy Rifai, Deni Achmad, Mashuril Anwar

Pages: 12 - 20

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Factors And Implications Management Discussion And Analysis

Nana Umdiana, Einde Evana, Lindrianasari

Pages: 21 - 30

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Significance of Qualification of Trading Influence as a Criminal Act

Deni Setya Bagus Yuherawan, Riri Puspita Wulandari, Soraya Joice, Heppy Hyma Puspytasari, Mochamad Arifianto

Pages: 31 - 39

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The Use of Three Ns (Niteni, Niroke, Nambahi) in Developing Practice e-Guidebooks

Ani Widyawati , Elsa Yulianingsih, Moh. Rusnoto Susanto, Ardian Arief , Rio Septian, Andrik Musfalri , Insanul Qisti Barriyah

Pages: 40 - 48

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Human Security Practice Based on New Religious Movement in Muhajirun Village Natar South Lampung

Dewi Ayu Hidayati, Yulianto, Iffaty Fadliliana Sari, Mohammad Muhassin

Pages: 49 - 61

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Determinant Analysis Of Effectiveness Factor Of Farmer-Owned Enterprise (Bump) In Farmer Empowerment In Central Java, Indonesia

Tri Cahyo Mardiyanto, Sunarru Samsi Hariadi, Krishna Agung Santosa

Pages: 62 - 71

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Integration Of Policy for The Prevention of The Transmission of Covid-19 To the Children of Indonesian Corporate Institutions

Rini Fathonah, Nikmah Rosidah, Ahmad Irzal Fardiansyah, Mashuril Anwar

Pages: 72 - 83

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Implementation Of Human Research Development Strategy

Sudarman Mersa, Bambang Utoyo, Sigit Setioko

Pages: 84 - 89

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Analysis Of Marketing Public Relations Of Taman Lazuardi Tourism Park In Banyumas, Central Java Province, Indonesia To Increasetourist Visiting Interest By Means Of Social Media

Wisnu Widjanarko, Nuryanti, Bambang Widodo, Dwi Pangastuti Marhaeni, Christophous Herutomo, Nana Sutikna, Petrus Imam Prawotojati, Wiwik Novianti

Pages: 90 - 97

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Semiotics in Integers: How Can the Semiosis Connections Occur in Problem Solving?

Hersiyati Palayukan, Purwanto, Subanji, Sisworo

Pages: 98 - 111

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Employment Opportunities and Women's Revenue in Agricultural Modernization

Hasbi, Yusriadi Yusriadi

Pages: 112 - 124

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Reformulation Of Law On Child Protection Through Restorative Justice For Child Victims Of Criminal Offences Based On Values Of Pancasila As An Effort For Criminal Law Reform

Rr. Putri A. Priamsari, Nyoman Serikat Putra Jaya, Irma Cahyaningtyas

Pages: 125 - 141

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Comparing the h-Index (Hirsch Index) of Nobel Laureates Scopus and Google Scholar Profiles in Chemistry and Economics Sciences

Abhay Maurya, Amit Kumar

Pages: 142 - 151

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Transformational Leadership Theory – A Critical Analysis with reference to Banking Sector

Jacob Davis. K, Dr. A. Thilagaraj

Pages: 152 - 159

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The Role Of Digital Informatics In The Quality Of Scientific Research In In University Libraries: An Analytical Study Of Iraqi Libraries

Suad Mohammed Jasim

Pages: 160-181

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The Blue Ocean Strategy And Its Impact On Achieving A Sustainable Competitive Advantage For The Organization Is A Survey Study In A Number Of Government And Private Banks In Basra Province

Lect. Areej Kareem Rahman , Lect.Arafat Nasser Jassim , Asst Lect . Hassan Odeh Abdullah

Pages: 182-205

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The Effect Of Human Resource Management Strategies In Achieving Competitive Advantage: Analytical Study Of The Opinions Of A Number Of Employees Working In The Thi-Qar Communications Directorate

Rana Abdul Sattar Al- Hammadi

Pages: 206-223

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E-Leadership Challenges & Opportunities For Pakistani Universities

Abira Ismat Butt , Fakhra Aziz , Dr. Tayyaba Batool

Pages: 224-236

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Association Between Electronic Health Record System And Patient Safety Culture In Hospitals Of Maldives: Nurses Perception

Aishath Selna , Dr.Zulhabri-Othman , Dr. Jacquline Tham , Dr. Adam Khaleel Yoosuf

Pages: 237-253

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The Impact Of The Marketing Innovation Strategy On Achieving The Competitive Advantage For Saudi Telecom Companies During Covid-19

Thair Abed Alrahman Mohamed Habboush

Pages: 254-268

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Does Enterprise Risk Management Affecting Firm Value? The Indonesian Non Financial Firm Case

Dinarossi Utami , Sulastri , Mohamad Adam , Yuliani

Pages: 291-302

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Organizational Diagnosis And Its Role In Supporting The Strategic Orientation Of Companies

Dr :Laith Shakir Mohsin , Dr: Mayada Hayawi Mahdi , Oday Abbas Abdulameer

Pages: 303-314

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Impact Of Digital Finance On Facing The Financial Crises Caused By The Corona Pandemic

Zaid M. Alabassi , Haider Naser

Pages: 315-330

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Counterfactual Thinking And Its Relationship To Behavioral Governance

Assistant Professor Dr: Mayada Hayawi Mahdi , Assistant Professor Dr: Laith Shakir Mohsin , Lecture: Haider Nasser

Pages: 331-348

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